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Skate Like A Hockey Player

Power skating has to be thought of as not just making a better skater, but of making a better skating hockey player. The player learns the technique best when in the context of a real hockey play. It's not just a tight turn; it's a tight turn to create separation from an opponent. Crossovers are not just crossovers; they're the ability to create open ice and take advantage of that space. Quick starts are not about how fast a player can move their feet; they're about how fast a player can get from point A to point B to win the puck.

When it comes to hockey skating development, you need to ask three key questions:

1) Can the player create power in the body position they are in? Are they properly loading their body weight over the pushing leg and extending with direct pressure on the edge?

2) Is the movement efficient? True power needs efficiency. Does the blade slip, dig or grind? Is the upper body swaying like a fishtailing car? Are they utilizing the hips as the steering wheel?

3) Does the technique make sense for the game of hockey? When learning Edges, is the player in a body position they will use in a game? Is their body and hands in a position to stickhandle, pass or shoot? Is the movement and body position safe for a high speed, contact sport? Can they accomplish all of the moves with a stick in their hands, a puck in front of them and their head up?

At Antoine Efficiency Skating we look at all these areas to develop a faster, more efficient and more powerful hockey player.